Clutch Replacement

Was replacing my clutch yesterday. Put in all those parts, put clutch plate over, and tightened springs. they tightened all the way to the screw couldnt go anymore. i wasnt able to torq em. Just hand tightened. Pull clutch lever, very loose. What do i do now? I think the screws in the springs should have had more resitance and clutch lever should not be so much play when you pull it.:thumbsup:

i dont think i can help you but i need to redo mine also and was wandering if you had to use a clutch boss to undo every thing the oners manual for my 426 says you need one

Start back tracking...

Are you sure you have the correct number of plates installed? Boss spring and plate installed?

Are the springs new? Have you compared them to the originals?

Go find the online microfiche or your manual to look at the parts to make sure you have everything.

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