Street miles on WR

I've manage to get my WR legally registered for the road, and everything there seems fine, but I'm wondering what to expect from the bike. Is a 2 hour street ride or miles on the highway really bad for the bike? Has anyone put a ton of miles on their bike? I switched the tires to MT 21's, and got the light kit, but have yet to put any street miles on it yet. I did read (in Cycle World??) that some kid registered his YZ400 and put 15k miles on it.

One guy toured all the way from Seattle down into central America and back. I wouldn't worry too much.

Something to look out for: Try to not downshift to slow down on the street, use the brakes. DS bikes usually have rubberized sprocket housings that absorb the shock of downshifting, therefore reducing shock to the tranny. The WR's have no such mechanism, it just assumes the rear will slide a little off-road and sort of cushion the shock, especially if the clutch is released quickly.

I don't DS this bike, but this is what I have heard to look out for in ANY dirt bike that is street ridden.

I would imagine street miles are way easier on the bike-less load on the engine, less suspension action, more use of the clutch, etc.

The problem you might have on a 2 hour street ride is the seat!

I ride mine on the street all the time, no problems. You might want taller gearing, higher air pressure in the tires, softer settings on the suspension.

I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of rear cush-drive. I have been running without it on my CBR900RR for the last 7 years & my old XR650L for 6 years without a problem.


I ride mine to work & back when wife has my Rover. One thing I learned the hard way is to ride it gingerly for the sake of the rear tire. I went through one MT21 really quick, little chuncks fly when really punching it (wheelies on quiet back streets, and other such terriorest acts ((E-series 12 disc's))).

With the second MT21 I take care on the pavement and the tire is holding up really well. I open up the Rocket when the ground gets soft!

Riding around on the road isn't as fun with the YZ timing. I rode around last night for about an hour and a half and the bike with the YZ timing runs a little rough at low/constant throttle. This isn't as noticable off-road but gets a little annoying on the road when just puting around.

Why did I ride my YZ timed WR on the road for so long? It's been weeks since I rode it and I just couldn't stand it any more.

On the way home I went through a field near my house and did a couple of jumps. Being the bonehead I am, I almost took a digger with just my jeans and a t-shirt on (helmet too of course). Wouldn't THAT suck! Doing a yard sale with no protection and coming home one big scab.


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