Will this fit my XR?

No that is for the 2000-2007 xr650r liquid cooled bike. Thanks for the link though as I bought one for my 01 650r. Supertrapp still makes an exhaust for your bike and I believe that white brothers does as well. Good luck.

I'm not positive but don't think so. It says 00 - 05 650.

Good price though .

That is for the XR650R

Nope, won't fit, period:crazy:

I have seen a lot of talk about this exhaust- who out there has bought and use it? What is the feedback? fit and finish?, overall quality?, sound levels?, comparision to others? Is it a copy or spinoff of another product? The price is tough to beat, which leads me to believe it is made in china and perhaps not as well built as some are. Let us know if you can. Thanks guys..:ride:

I don't know a thing about 'em, but since my FMF is all bent up doesn't fit right, I pulled the trigger on one of these. I'll let you know next weekend!


Well, I ordered on based on the link provided above, and got this email yesterday:

"I saw that you purchased this pipe through the website and I am trying to figure out how the heck it was even up there. I had the item marked as hidden and unavailable in the system, so this is really an impossible situation. Hopefully the tech dept can figure it out for me today.

The bad news is this pipe is long gone. I only had two as part of a liquidation group and sold off everything we had for this model. I'm sorry for the bad information on the site. I had one of our sales guys look for alternatives and the best we could find is a Leo Vince system for $300. Would you be at all interested in that one? Just let me know and we'll go from there. "

It seems they don't have any more of these pipes, and nothing anywhere NEAR the killer $160 price they'd advertised. I emailed back requesting a suitable alternative from EVO or FMF, and that they sell it at their cost, since the website was screwy. They agreed to sell me a new FMF at cost, so we'll see when/if it ever shows up...

Stay tuned if you care-


Link is still working so I have a feeling they are going to be selling alot of pipes at cost. I sent that to like 5 people before I scrolled down and saw that it was no good.

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