how many have done a GP on a BRP?

Was thinking of doing a SRA GP in a couple of weeks and just wanted to get some thoughts if anyones done a GP on a pig? i do desert races so this is a bit different.


do you have your suspension set up to take jumps? is a gp like a long mx race?

SRA's at glen helen are pretty rough. 650 should be no problem but you wont run top of the class.

thanks kritter, i usually don't run in top of class anyway lol i thought it'd be fun to do one of these

I've done the Prarie Dogs GP at Glen Helen and the Hilltoppers GP at 29 Palms. Both times were on the 650R. This was probably 2 or 3 years ago, back when there were more off road racers trying to do it all on the 650R. I didn't do very well. I did the two GPs that year because I was in points whore mode so I'd get like 12th in class and 2nd place desert points. I could do the two races because they were very close to Redlands, but I didn't like the fact that I would get to the track at around 7am, pay a higher than normal entry fee, sit around all day long, get kinda stale, go out and race for an hour, and be done.

As far as being competitive on the 650R, it's all relative, there was a time when Campbell, Henge, Childress, had to do the GPs on the 650 and they all did well. The thing about the D37 GPs at Glen Helen along with the 12 hours and 24 hours races have ample off road sections so you can make up time for the time you lose on the MX track.

However, with the SRA GPs is, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the course is basically the REM track and the main MX track. I could be wrong. I used to take the 650R to Glen Helen during the week and ride the main track for shits and grins. Thinking back, I didn't have very much fun.

I think the problem with D37 is they are incorrectly using the term "Gran Prix." A Gran Prix of MX tends to be a longer than normal MX race but the course is only on a groomed MX track. So, in practice, the SRA GPs are correct GPs whereas the D37 Grand Prix should actually be called a Hare Scramble. With that in mind, again correct me if I'm wrong, but that SRA GP may just be a very long MX race that makes no use of the ridges, sandwashs, the Sheriff's training property, road sections, that other "GPs" at Glen Helen use.

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