YZF450 Graphics

Anyone have tips for removing the stock graphics and good method for applying the new ones?

I use a heat gun to remove graphics and peel them off, For new graphics I spray soapywater and throw graphic on top and squeegie out soapy water and air bubbles while using heat gun. Soapy water helps you move the graphic around till you get in in position. Thats my 2 cents

for the cheap price after market plastics are, start fresh. decals stick better on new clean plastic

Yeah..it's so nice to put graphics on new clean plastics!

If you don't have a heat gun, use a blow dryer. The Yamaha graphics are real easy to remove. Before installing new graphics get some rubbing alcohol and clean the plastics real well. After you are sure there is no oil, gas, mud, dirt, or old sticker left on your plastics; it's time to install.

1. Put on a pair of exam gloves so the oil from your hand doesn't get on the stickers.

2. spray the stickey side of the graphics with windex

3. Line up and apply the graphics.

4. With one hand holding the graphic in place, use the other hand to start working out the windex. I use an old credit card as a squegy. work your way from the center out. Take your time.

5. Keep working it untill everything looks good.

6. You can use the blow dryer again to try and speed up the drying, but don't get the graphics hot, otherwise they may expand.

7. If you do get a little air bubble that you can't work out, get a pin and pop it, then work the windex out of it.

Some people do this with the plastics off the bike, but I like to do it with everything on the bike, that way things don't move around on me.

Good Luck.

I just removed all of my 07 stock graphics in less than 2 minutes using a pressure washer (did it about 2 weeks ago). Under high pressure, the graphic lifted right off without leaving any adhesive residue what so ever.

To remove my stock graphics, I just pulled them off. I put the new ones on just like mummer12.

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