Radiator has moved

Don't know what I did, but I did. My radiator on the left side has moved inward. Don't remember crashing (going to have to start wearing the helmet, all these memory losses) The left shroud will not line up, thus the shroud is tweeking/bending to get it to line up at the bottom bolt hole. Since I am not "Joe Mechanic" like some of you, is the moving of this radiator back to it's correct position easy to do? Do I have to bend it somehow? The right side is fine. Any suggestions on where to start?



Mike...You might want to be careful prying on the radiator because you could cause a leak or do more damage to it. I had the same problem on my 96' YZ250. I had to try and loosen the bolts for the radiator itself and adjust it until the shroud fit a little better. I then was able to get a bolt in the bottom, but it was tight. Be careful Yamaha thinks those radiators are made of gold or at least that's how they price them.


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Thanks for the response. I took the bike to my shop today (getting tires: m12's: and fast line break line installed} and they said the same thing. They said they have seen it before and not to play with it to much. Accept it if it not causing any problems with positioning etc. Good thing my good friend works there and I know the guys so at least I got the honest opinion.


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