HELP! Pre Ride Nghtmare..Brake Bleeding

I blead the front break according to manual steps, and the resivor got low so the lever went to the bars. So I refilled and keep bleeding, but there is not response the lever just goes to the bars, no break. many air bubbles came out and stopped comming out. It won't pressurize, and It was working before I started.

Any suggestion? Am I missing somthing?

And I leave for a ride a 5:00am! :)

Any help is appreicated.

Squeeze the lever in and crack open the banjo bolt that holds the line to the master, then close it, then release the lever. Do this several times until you are getting fluid and not air out, then go ahead and bleed at the caliper bleeder as normal. What ever you do, don't let the resivor run out of fluid or you'll have to start all over again. Also, never release the lever when the system is open (the banjo or the bleeder) or it'll suck air into the system instead of sucking fluid in from the resivor, get it... open the system, push the air/fluid out by squeezing the lever. When you release the lever there will be a vacuum in the system because you just displaced some of the volume, right? This vacuum will suck in from the only source, the resivor. Eventually you will have pushed everything out and kept replacing it with fresh fluid from the resivor. It may take a while, you'll probably go through a whole bottle of fluid.


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Thanks a Billion. I'm going out to try that right now. I've been fussing with it for hours, and the lever is just dead. When I bleed, no air bubbles are comming out.

Thx again!


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