Help with Electrosport kit

Its too late in the day to call electrosport so I'm hoping a guru can help me out with a problem I want to solve so I can ride tomorrow.

I have an XR650R with the Dakar Electrosport DS kit. I have not ridden the bike for sometime and now I cannot get the headlight to work on "low", only high beam will work. I have replaced the bulb twice with (2) new bulbs. Also, the rear light works but the brake light does not. I have checked all connections and I don't see anything obvious.

Does anyone have any tips for to get this working?




The bango bolt is prob gone south

Call Electrosport and they will send you the new updated one, the ones they had were not good---I replace 4 sets under waranty until they got the new ones

been runnin 5 weeks steady with out losing one now


Take the control switch off and clean in it with contact cleaner pushing the button in and out, check the wires, blow it out and spray WD40 on it and put it back on

Same thing happened to me once

Check the wire conectors just behind the tips

This kit does not have the best conectors

Good Luck

I have fixxed my kit more than 25 times and still going, they are taking it back to check it out

My headlight crapped out this weekend after just 100 miles. Then throughout the weekend my horn didn't work, and the blinkers, and the brake light. Everything stopped working!! Not impressed yet with the DAKAR light kit that I spent hours pieceing together since the instructional color coding was WRONG!! I guess I'll clean the switch housing and see if it starts working again. I hope it does, or I'm going to start pieceing together a kit that is totally bullet proof. I don't like having a light for 500 miles, not cool


I called Electrosport the other day and they helped me out a lot !! I had to order a new circuit board, rectifier/regulator and battery since mine fried on the last trip. It sounds like my battery wasn't taking a charge so all the power recirculated through the voltage regulator and melted the wires and all connection blocks. So.... REPLACE YOUR BATTERIES OFTEN !!!:worthy:

I'm sure it will all run and be fine when I get the parts put back in.

Thanks Electrosport :banana:

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