Any Ideas for finding a used WR?

My brother-in-law is trying to become a kindred brother in the Order Of WR Owners. He's even been known to to loiter on this web site! The thing is, he can’t find a WR for sale anywhere near Colorado. There are just way too many loyal members in our club.

Anyone got a friend who may be considering membership in the Order Of Suzuki or KTM. Banish the thought! But, it could happen…


I've seen one used one for sale in the paper in the last year and a half. And that guy wanted a new price for it. I wish him luck!


Dave said there was one in the Steamboat paper for 5k? Did you check that one out?

Does your brother-in-law ride? Is this the one I met last summer?

A guy in Grand Junction on our Moab trip was checking out ScaryMyths DRZ on the trailer (I was hauling it for him) and he said he would only by the Bazookie as a bike for his wife. Don't let your brother get a chicks bike (I'm totally joking here all you DRZ owners although it really did happen and we laughed about it all weekend as Cary kicked our butts).


Nothing like having a thread started in your name to coerce you to join ThumperTalk!

How'd you know I was loitering? Trying to make me paranoid?

Thanks for the advise, guys. Thanks especially to Jake for your help. It takes reading just a few posts here to be convinced that the WR is "the" bike. No offense to the DRZers--I'm sure none will be taken if you're brave enough to look at BBS screens that are blue and white. :) Actually, I would probably be thrilled with a DRZ(especially now in my current "no bike" position), but the constant WR talk I would have to endure from my brother-in-law (Jake) would be too much for me to bear! (Cheers, Jake!)

Since I've been flushed out, I want to compliment Bryan on an amazing website. Wow, what a resource for WR riders. I wish something like this existed for Polaris RMK snowmobiles. Anybody know of one?

I look forward to meeting you guys, both local and elsewhere, when my summer hobby becomes "Riding my WR." Until then my spring hobby will be "Looking for a used WR."

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I know you've all prolly seen my post, but just by some chance you haven't check it out. Again i'm offering a bargain price $4,500 or I will even let him or you take over payments with a partial trade. But alas i'm in Eastern Kentucky....


"Keep it on the back wheel"


Darin may have a '99 WR for sale in Salt Lake City, Utah. Last time I spoke to him somebody was looking hard at buying it though. It may be worth an E-mail though. I've ridden the bike and it's great, nothing wrong with it at all. His E-mail address is below:

Good Luck

Todd Gooding

Hey Freezer! Welcome aboard!

If you get a WR I'll let you roost me anytime. I need to start sucking up now so you and Jake will take me out on the snow sleds next season.

Snowmobiling is the only thing I like as much as Dirt Biking. Some have said I'm a better snowmobiler than a dirt biker (no mean comments you Colorado boys).

I grew up in Grand Lake.

I hear Jake doesn't like snowmobiles much so next year maybe I'll take his place.


Bryan, thanks for the welcome wagon. Sounds like a guy I could learn a lot from, both on the dirt and in the snow.

Thanks to all for the leads. I am following up on one I found. We'll see how it goes, as it is a long distance deal.

Bryan, it's just about that time of year when you could actually sled up high and bike in the valleys. Might be close to one of those "perfect days..."? Know any spots for that?

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