Crank problem


well my friend kinda injured his transmission on his 04 yz450

so we tore it apart... and when we got to the crank and balancer removal... he simply hit the nut with a normal hammer...instead of the brass hammer i had at my house... to loosen it this worked as i was told it would be a local friend who works on bikes... however he mashed a few threads on the crank and now that we are trying to put it back together... this is obviously a problem

so does anyone know the thread size on the nut or crank so i could retap the crank threads and purchase a new nut for him??

thanks i really hope he doesnt need a new crank simply because i dont want to take it apart again

You may not need a die. If you have a triangle file or a half round file, use the sharp edge to clean up the threads. You'll be missing a few on the end of the crank but it will probably work. Run the file in between the messed up threads until you can get the nut on again.

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