How do I fix the blurp off the bottom????

you may need to adjust the pilot screw.If you go in the drz forum and look in the topic "pilot screw tool" it has a pic.

I removed my baffle and the little blurp off of the bottom of acceleration got worse.If I turn the throttle fast enough the bike will go bla blurp at first unless I let off.How would I go about fixing this?? Probably just a bit of carb adjustment but what to change is what I need to know like which screw to screw with?Thanks for any comments!

My '00 had a blurp as well after some jetting changes and the normal restrictors removed. The fix was to dial in the pilot screw. (turn in for leaner, out for richer). I was slightly rich on the bottom end, and it did eventually foul the plug. Also something else to note, my bike will start to hiccup after maybe an hour in the mud. I think the mud is clogging the carb vent hoses. After I knock the chunks off, the problem goes away until next time.

Also some have sweared by moving the TPS clockwise 1/16" to solve the hiccup problem.

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