suspension sag?

i know this has been covered but after looking through 3-4 pages of info i havnt found the correct answer.. should my rear sag be set between 95-105mm? pretty much between 3 3/4ths and 4.15 inches of travel? as of right now im cross rutting and pushing a bit in the front.. anyone's thoughts on suspension settings? whats everyone running.. i havnt revalved my suspension yet so its still on the factory springs and settings.



Assuming you have an '06-7, 95-97mm and slide the fork up 5-6mm higher than flush.

thanks grey, i forgot to mention that i already did raise the forks up to the first line, and it made a world of difference.. what about free sag, what should that be set at?

So, we agree on what we're talking about, and maybe someone else can follow it, there is race (or rider) sag, and free sag. Only race sag is adjusted.

Race sag, as you know, is the amount that the rear suspension compresses when you are standing with 100% of your weight on the pegs, compared with the suspension fully extended on a stand.

Free sag is checked after the race sag is set, and it's used as a reference to determine whether the rear spring is near the right rate for your size. Free sag is how much the rear suspension compresses with no rider on board, bike on the ground, and it should be about 25mm (1 inch).

If it's less than that, the spring is too soft. If it's more, it's too stiff. At first, that seems backward, but think what really happens. If your spring has too low a spring rate, you will have to preload it farther than you should in order to get the right race sag, and that will mean that it will lift the back of the bike farther than it should when you get off. If the spring is way too stiff, it will compress very little when you sit on the bike, and you'll have to back off the adjuster to the point that the free sag will be excessive.

The free sag "rule" is just a rule of thumb, but it works fairly well. The right spring for you may be different than what shows as right by that method, but it will usually be something close. Either way, you set the race sag, and then if the free sag is wrong, you change the spring.

thanks grey..

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