bike ate my pencil!

Put some bread crumbs around the spark plug hole, maybe he'll come out when he gets hungry.

Just like one of the guys said before,take the header pipes off and then blow some compressed air thru the spark plug hole.I wouldn't try running the engine cause it may damage the valves,the wood may be "soft" but once compressed it may get a lot harder.good luck.

Seriously, you NEED to tear your head off. Its not that hard of a job....there is no other way out of this predicament!!!!!! NONE!!!!! You already did one thing to potentially &%$#@! your motor up, now the question is are you going to finish the job and really screw it up by not doing the right thing again?

For the next time, if you really want to find top dead, on the left crankcase cover is a plastic screw cap. Remove it.

Put the bike in gear and rotate the rear wheel, all the time looking through the hole you exposed by removing the cap. On the flywheel you'll see a "T". stop rotating when its lined up with the little slot on the bottom of your hole. To check that its really at top dead jiggle the valves a bit.

A valve job on this bike is soooooo EASY...why are you going to make it hard?

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