YZ Timing - WHY not just by a 426?

Just picked up my '00 WR and rode it for the first time today with my new Big Gun SDS system (145P, 180M) Love IT! Had a chance to ride a full DSP system but gave the nod to the SDS. Ok, back to the Subject - I could have picked up a '00 426 for the same price, actually about 500 cheaper (Dealer had 9, yes 9 426's). To be honest one of the reasons I went with the WR was the larger tank (I know the the IMS combo) are there any other reasons to own a WR vs a 426? I'm having a hard time coming up with other reasons especially after reading all of these "YZ Timing Posts".


'00 WR400

'00 380EXC

'01 -Waiting for 520MX

the transmission is the key, if you ride any trails or dual sport your bike. The tall first and second gears on the 426 are useless on tight trails. The taller 5th gear on the WR makes for more top end and better dual sport bike. The heaver flywheel of the WR makes it much easer to ride on trail.. The WR is FASTER on top due to gearing and it revs out farther. The 426 accelerates a little quicker corner to corner but if you do more than just ride on a track in a little circle with a few bumps and jumps the WR is by far the seperior bike in every other category. Trails, top end, dual sport, etc. The 426 is a narror focus bike that is execllent for what it was made for motocross for everything else the WR is way better.


Adding lights to the YZ is expensive since it's not designed to generate that much power.

The WR has a coolant reservoir, additional bolt taps on the frame for engine guards and probably a few other enduro ready items.

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Lots of reasons,

- wide ratio transmission (YZ426 is tighter than YZ400's was)

- lighting coil and lights

- odometer (resetable too)

- O-ring chain(much more durable)

- side stand

- Spark arrestor (although heavy)

- 18 inch rear wheel (better for off-road)

- suspension valving for off road

- spring rates for off-road

- radiator overflow reservoir

- not everyone wants YZ timing, some feel low end is better with WR cam timing (open debate)

It all depends on what type of riding you are doing and which bike makes the best starting point.

Yep...what James said. I think I could recite the reasons in my sleep. Why, you ask? Because every time I told my riding buddies I was buying a WR, their standard response was always "Why arent you buying a YZF?" Man, I got sick of defending my decision. Think about how much more your getting on the WR versus what it would take to make the YZ equivalent. It really is a bargain!

Yeah, what Clark said and James said and Vincent said.

If your only riding MX, it's a no brainer. But I ride trails. So, the WR is a no brainer based on the reasons described above. In fact, if you ride trails, I'd ask, why in the world would you buy the YZ?

Gullable Bryan...

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