XR Power is back

So I got my XR650R last year 2006

Uncorked it


air box

full FMF system Q2

ported head

stage1 cam

clarke 4.3

Zeta clamp

Fat bars

wide pegs

Dakar kit

UNI filter

LOST power????????

Asked lots of ?'s here and got lots of help---Thanks everyone

I let the bike idle one time for about 45 mins in the shed and it boiled over--dumb mistake when I went inside I lost track of time, after that the bike would not even pull up in 4th at all without bogging out

Found out I lost the temper in the rings, and it started spitting oil out the trany pressure hose

New rings

Break in nice and slow for 600 miles

This morning I was heading down the highway at about 70mph and thought I would see what it had, the stage 1 give alot of top end

5th gear, little clutch and a small little pull on the bars, up it comes, no bogging and stayed on the rear wheel for about 600ft

Man it is nice to have a bike work right with all the good things I heard about here

Thanks again to everyone that input and help to share

This is a great and mature site to be on

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