'05 WR 450 starting motor problem

Hello guys,

I have a problem with starting motor. My WR450F was parked for a year and when I want to start the engine, I have to use starting motor too much.

Due to excessive use of starting motor, it starts making lots noise a few weeks ago and at last, today, I cannot start the engine even with kick starter.

Do I need to change starting motor as assembly or just change brush set?

Please help me!


Hmmm. You need to figure out why the bike won't start with the kickstarter first. Once you get that straightened out.....

My original starter quit working after 3 years. During that time, I always used the starter, never really touched the kickstand. I tried replacing the brushes, resoldering the wires, etc, etc, but it didn't help. I think I just wore the poor thing out, especially from cold starts. Finally broke down and bought a new starter. Now I only use it for starting when the engine is hot. If you're properly jetted and the valves are in spec, it will fire up on the second or third kick.

I have heared that it is hard to start the WRs after falling. What is your experience?


my 05 starter died after 1500kms , i had it repaired at an auto electrician.

i try not to over-use it now.

Lucky bastards with e-start....It's a bitch to kick my 400 when it's cold....

Thank you for your kind comments. I found that battery charging was not enough to start the engine. Due to not ride it frequently, not enough time for full charging the battery, I guess.

Thank you!!

I have heared that it is hard to start the WRs after falling. What is your experience?

After falling: it takes a bit longer time to start it again than normal start.

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