Just rode an '06 CRF450X...WOW.



Quite a difference in the way the power rolls-on between that an my XRL.

Will re-piping, uncorking and de-smoggin' my L give me a bit more of THAT type of "quick" power?

On the 450, seemed like I couldn't keep the front wheel down w/half throttle....

On my L, I can't even ever get the wheel UP unless I time it off some tree root or bush or somthing....

those mods def. wake up the pig, but it wont be explosive as that "other" bike! they are geared way lower than the L in the gearbox.

The power of the X and R is THERE, NOW, NO WAITING, GIDDY UP, sort of like a 2 stroke, the XRL has much more tractor like power that takes it's time getting there, it's not a natural revver like the X and R are for sure.

You would be taking away the nature of the beast if you did make it rev like that, although it sure is fun. :thumbsup:

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