throttle stop

I have decided to grind down the throttle stop on my '00 WR. Can't seem to place exactly where the throttle stop is. I have taken the slide plate off, is it behind the throttle cable wheel holder? I do see the screw with the spring and the plastic piece that follows this screw, and while holding this screw to its stop and then opening the throttle all the way it stops before hitting the screw. Now I would only guess that I have to get in behind the throttle cable holder???

Would it be much easier to remove the carb to remove it.

Also for financial reasons am going to try Mike Trains' exhaust trick and hold off on a new pipe and header after purchasing the YZ seat and tank. I am pretty short and think this would help me in tight corners and turn arounds. Am I thinking the right way on this?

Any info would be appreciated, have a great weekend,


Ok, I ran into the same problem when I operated on my 2k model WR. The directions for the 2k model appear to be slightly different ("oh, now you tell me" :).

The throttle stop is straight down from the back of the throttle wheel and scews in from below opposite (straight back) from where the idle adjuster turns the throttle wheel (right side). It just looks like another bolt holding the carb together and has blue lock-tite on it.

I don't even thing removing the plastic guard is required. As far as I can tell all you need to do is rotate the carb to get at it with a "bigger hammer" if it doesn't come loose with an allen wrench... but I haven't looked at it in a couple weeks.

When you remove it you'll know you have the throttle stop since it seems rediculously long for the small amount of threads it has.

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Thanks JD. I will try it in the morning and let you know of success rate.


'00 WR, Renthal bars, Cyra guards, for now everything else stock

Do you know if the 2k european/uk bikes have the infamous long throttle stop??

2000 WR400

It's only on American bikes to satisfy the EPA.

I think I have the special WR, it had red loctite not blue. Heck I was just glad to be able to find it :D

Boy you talk about some power :) the valve would only open up half way before. Thanks to you guys and Jay

have fun this weekend,


For anyone else looking for the throttle stop I discovered it can be seen from the left side of the bike the best. Just below the throttle wheel on the back side of the carb. And obviously the color of locktite varies. :)

Something else I noticed is that the rod to the accellerator pump is protected better than the old carb and should keep the pump cleaner.

BTW, shouldn't this info be added to the technical section?

Agreed JD, it should be added. It would have helped me out a little better. I was fortunate enough to be able to give Jay a call on land line to help me out. I took his advice to remove the carb just from the transition airbox/engine, cut off a little bit of the stop at first, reinstall it and see how far the valve opened. Continue this procedure until the valve opens all the way.

I must admit that I cut of a little too much. The valve opens past the opening about another 1/8"-3/16". I'll find out today I guess if this caused a problem.

Oh yeah, don't forget to pull the gas line.



'00 WR, Renthal bars, Cycra hand guards, throttle stop cut,for now everything else stock

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The correct amount to remove is 16mm on the 2k model.

I looked at the throttle stop last night (ok... so I was working on the bike anyway) just to be sure, and you don't have to remove the plastic cover over the throttle wheel.

It's actually pretty easy to find since you just look at the plastic cover and it sticks out the bottom of it at the very back. The pictures of how to do it on the older models actually made it take longer for me to find because I was looking in the wrong place for it.

I know it's not as much fun but there is always the $8 alternative - Order a 426 throttle stop from your local Yamaha Dealer or in this case Baja Designs ( Local dealer said the part was backordered until June- July )

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