Who makes the better piston. People are telling me they like JE better. What are your thoughts?

My engine builder used a JE. It works great as faras I know. Can't tell you if it is better or not though.

either one cnt go wrong with either of them...but i run wiseco pistons in any of my bikes 2 or 4 stroke...and i haven;t had any problems


What about PC ? Dirt rider just had there kxf250 redone with it.They said it was noticibly better and you can still run pump gas.

dont use the wiseco ive worked at 2 bike shops and nothing good about them has come back but i hear good things about the JE wich is gonna be the piston im gonna run in my bike when its time, that and id use a vertex before wiseco

Cant go wrong with either

never had a problem with wiseco pistons

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