450R and flywheel weight

Is it a very common practice to put flywheel weights on the 450R's? I have an 04 and just got an SFB weight from Ebay. It looks like the tools needed are a flywheel holder and puller. Are any other special tools needed? How hard is it to install? The instructions make it look fairly easy. I've read articles that say that the weights help with low end pull and preventing stalling. Has anyone had any experience with this?

Novice MX'ers and woods/off-road riders benefit from a fww.

I'm getting an FWW for my 04, but I am going to go with the complete Trailtech flywheel 15oz.

I have a 9oz trail tech on my 05,a puller is all you need,an impact wrench is helpful to remove the flywheel nut,but be careful if you use the impact to tighten the nut back up,you can twist it off.

Novice MX'ers and woods/off-road riders benefit from a fww.

Think about this CamP, you put in a H/C piston, swap cams, maybe some porting to build up a rocketship that cant really be ridden. But then you throw on a heavy fly wheel weight to smooth it out? In theory this seems like a good idea, but would it be kinda pointless?

fww=more tractable power/or more hookup

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