dont forgot your parachute, well.... just incase

Found this picture on atvriders of the breezewood proving grounds, this is the MX track where bikes and quads ride togethor Awesome place with awesome people running it.


theres no picture just an x

dont forgot your picture

where in jerzey iz it man jerzey riders do it best

Where in Jersey is it man, Jersey riders do it best

I don't know, but it looks pretty sweet to me!

Jeesh. Just imagine if your brakes went out all of a sudden before that turn.

somebody has had to have fallen off that

That looks like a safety hazzard

actually, only ONE person has gone over that berm in the past 5-6 years of the park being open i believe, It was past memorial day, when one of the lost creek cycles atv racing team, went over their, he just fliped the quad before the turn and rolled down the hill.Although i do think he had a trip to the hospitle.:thumbsup:

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