saw the new 08 today

here in nj, i just stopped at my local dealer for a few odds and ends at lunchtime and they had an 08 250f on the floor. they said yamahas are coming in real early..

bridgestone tires looks nice. new lower fork guards are much more stream-line and contoured. nice touch.

black covers look nice new. who knows in 3 months? motor looks the same and all the oil lines and tank, rads etc. 13.5 to 1 compression we know.

i realized just after i left that i forgot to look at the pegs.......

couldnt sit on it becasue it was up on one of those display pedestals.

Does this mean that they r out every where?

No, just in Jersey. They've been on the docks!

My friend just ordered one here in Canada, it will be in his hands in 2 weeks.

Drewling...iw anna ride on SOO Bad

Does this mean that they r out every where?

From what I hear they should be at the dealers sometime next month.

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