Help in chosing bike.


I currently have a 06 crf250. And I love the bike, love the handling and the power. But I will be going to college in a few months and realsiticall I won't have the time to be doing the maintence on a 4stroke. I would be lucky to get home to ride at the weekends. Also I would be able to afford surprise valve trouble.

So I have a few options in my head. I was on a 125 and don't think I would like to go back. The 250 F has spoiled me. I was thinkg 250 2stroke or possibly a 450F jus for the reason I wouldn't be near as hard on the 450F as the 250F so it would probably be more reliable.

I could try and see how I get on with my 250F But with the new models coimng out here in a few months it will be seen as another year older. So any opinons are appreciated

buy the bike you like the best :thumbsup:

Well I'm happy with my CRF. Always been better on a smaller bike. Wen I was startn I was way faster on a 125 than a 250 2stroke. But I would be well able for a 250 2 stroke now.

But as I say I woun't have the time at weekends to do mi oils,filters,check valves. I would be lucky to get down and get out. Where as witha 2 stroke I would only have my tranny oil and filters to worry about.

If maintainence is a big factor a 250 2stroke seems likea good choice.

It will have all the power of a 250 4stroke and then some.

The only thing you would have to worry about is having premix and some extra spark plugs on hand.

The money that you get from selling your 06 should be able to buy a nice 250 2stroke. :thumbsup:

Well the kind of maitence witho a 2 stroke can be done at the track. And U jus seen a nice 05 kx 250 for sale here. Always like kx's mite have a look at it, I would have about 700 left over :thumbsup:

yeah i bought a 450 for the maintenece issue(because i'm poor) I'm only 16 and going to be a junior but realistically there is the same amount of maintenece i just don't check the valves because the bike starts fist kick every time but i will check them sooner or later. But oil filters, oil every 3 hours, regular filters, the scavenge pump screen cleanings, and I have to adjust the chain a lot more and tighten the sprocket bolts way more often because the bike has so much friggen power I just ordered some sprocket bolts because 3 fell out. Ill have to check them every moto i guess. Anyway my point is is you might not have to change valves as often but all the maitenence is still there. If you think you would slack off putting in the maintenence get the 250 two-smoke and you will be fine. College is only four years. Then you can get out; go make tons of money; and buy yourself a nice 4-fiddy when gas is 5 bucks a gallon. Have fun riding thats all that counts.

KTM 200 is my favorite 2 stroke. Feels like a 125 with 250 power :thumbsup:

CR500. Rode mates it ruled not much maintence because you don't need to rev it

Would even consider a 500. I like the power of KTM's but I hate the handling, plus I will still be racing. Thanks teamhonda, for that reply I nevr dreamt about the 450 having goin thru drive trains etc. and tyres lol.

Think 250 is my best bet, plus if I had 700(euro that is) left over I can set it up pretty good for that.

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