86 Xt350

I found this forum after picking up an 86 Yamaha xt350 as a starter bike. I am looking for a few good places to grab up some parts as it needs a few things. The tach cable is broken right at the engine, and the line between carbs is leaking fuel.

I've done some searching and is there anyparts I need to look out for other then the carbs?

I am also looking to add a LED light or 2 to the front or rewire the headlight to turn on with the key. Any insite on this would be great.

Just get a new tach cable from the dealer. most parts will be available for decent prices since they didn't make any major changes from 86-2000.

They should have bulk fuel and vent line. just buy several feet of it and replace all you're old lines including the one between the carbs.

high $$$ items can usually be found on ebay for a good price.

Do a search on XT350 ant you will find a bunch of good info.

well lastnight I did an oil change, ordered parts and replaced the fuel line. Now to never forget to put the oil vent screw back in before starting the bike. I noticed it RIGHT AWAY:eek:

I also have an 86 XT350 and Ebay has a ton of parts listed. Just keep watching.

www.yamhasportsplaza.com you wont find cheaper.

Link's not working for me. Anybody else?

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