FMF Q Pipe

The forward bracket on my Big Gun Race exhaust finally broke completely off. Interesting rattling sound while riding. I installed a spare FMF Q pipe i had in the garage. A few things I noticed: less overall power, but smooth powerband. Harder to start(?) Nice engine braking. Just takes a while to get used to the new exhaust note. Can't tell what gear I am in and when I should shift. Other than a noticable decrease in overall power, it is really a nice pipe. And who really needs the power of a wide open 450?

i would call big gun and ask them to fix it....did u crash???

Thanks for the mini-review on the Q. Thankfully I am only a B-class MX and hare scramble racer and do not yet have a need for an aftermarket exhaust or spark arrestor setup, but do have a dB Dawg to use when riding at a buddy's private track to keep his neighbors happy. I did pick up a new OEM header and exhaust off eBay for ~$30 to have as a backup at the races.

I agree with what ShawnMC said in another thread about how a bike just feels like it has more power when it is louder. I have practiced on a buddies 07 CRF that has a full WB carbon system and that was the same impression I came away with.

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