TGIF!!! Anyone riding or doing something else fun???

We are heading to southern Oregon to raft the Rogue river. It's the 'easy' part of the river so we will be able to bring my daughter along! It's so exciting when kids get to an age that they can do fun stuff with you!!!

sounds fun! Kris is working :thumbsup: so I'm going riding, maybe up in WY with some new folks.

Running gas for Kris (step-son) Sunday at the Jack Pine. Heading to work today... 10 hours. Yuk! Saturday... goofing off. :thumbsup:

Let me STRONGLY encourage you to WEAR the life jackets. We did the "easy" part of the Rogue and found ourselves flipped over and swept away down stream. I can't even begin to tell you how freaking cold that water was...It's also a bit scary to be underwater, under the boat.

In my defense, I'd never gone before (like early 20s) and everybody there said we didn't need 'em. DUH.

sounds fun! Kris is working :thumbsup: so I'm going riding, maybe up in WY with some new folks.

:thumbsup: Riding with Zilla?

:thumbsup: Riding with Zilla?

No, something a little closer. It's 4+ hours up there.

It's so exciting when kids get to an age that they can do fun stuff with you!!!

I totally hear you on this!!! Sometimes It kills me to leave them at home, then when I get to where I am going I think to myself, "why didnt I bring them, they would have had a blast?"

Today I'm finally getting my 150R back from the shop, got some mods done. Might try to go to the opening day of the OC Fair. Saturday gonna be at the beach the whole day for my friends b-day. Then Sunday I'm gonna try to go to 4 Wheel Parts for one of their grand opening things and check on a lift kit.

Saturday: Riding!

Sunday: Nothing (being LAZY!)

Doing a street ride to the coast on Saturday with a group..yipee. the

We are finally having our wedding reception! :thumbsup:

We set up a mini track and are only allowing the TTR125s/XR100s out. Mix that with Sprecher Root Beer on tap and our build your own Chicago-Style Hot Dog Bar and you get a TON of fun!!!! Should be a good time.

Today: Parts run

Sat: Babysitting part of the day, reassembling the front of the sidecar the other part

Sunday: Hopefully going for a ride....or working on more crap

Spectating at the Arena Cross (from the beer garden) tonight

Racing the local Supercross with my son Saturday night

Picking cherries Sunday (our tree is loaded again :thumbsup: ) and hopefully taking the jetski's out to the river in the afternoon cause it's HOT!!!

House sitting for a couple energetic pups!

Sleeping, swimming and watching TV! Need to relax a bit!

Actually that sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. I keep saying I'm going to just take it easy one of these weekends then something comes up and we are off & running again!

Right now I'm killing ants while my husband and kids are swimming in the pool, whatz up with that? The weekend looks bleak, laundry, working on kitchen remodel. Next week, maybe..., Lake Mohave on the Sea Doo's and playing some BJ in the casino's.

diatomaceous earth - the best ever ant killer. It's a little messy but it's non-toxic to pets & animals. It's a powder made up of seashells and it suffocates the critters. Used it for killing scorpions when I lived in the SW. Should be able to find it at any home & garden store, not sure about Home Depot and Lowes type stores but I get mine at the smalled local home & garden store.


I think we use that stuff in the pool?? Not sure, thx for the info. You know this ant thing is sooo preventable. It's the household members who come along and throw a knife coated with peanut butter and jellie and leave it in the kitchen sink and walk away is what kills me!

Hey, do you find the do-rags at REI? Just curious... I got my at Chicks Sporting Goods but I think they are just in Calif. I have three of them (of course they have to match each outfit!!) ;-)

Haven't made it over there yet, I'm tied to my computer all day.

You do use diatomaceous earth in the pool. I didn't realize you were talking about ants in the house, sugar ants sounds like. The DE would work but it would probably be messy.

Funny I don't get them at home because the kids are big enough (12 & 14) to know they'd be in trouble if they left dirty dishes or crumbs around but here at the office with all adults, we get them all the time. The slobs (men) here tend to drop food on the floor or counter and leave it there.:thumbsup:

So true... it's the ones old enough to know better (the 5 and 10 year old are still in training). It's the big kid (huband) that's the problem. Maybe I should try the DM on my dh? Glad I don't have the scorpians..., they sound just as bad as dh, lol...

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