pro wheels

cheapest i could find is 279.95 delivered but was hoping to find them cheaper.hard to justify wheels but the black wheels look really good on the kawis and thats also why im looking at these instead of excels.if anyone knows of a lower price let me know.that price is for both wheels and all spokes shipped to the house.thx.

Good Luck! Here's a pic of the last Pro-Wheel I bought.

try warp 9 they are 350 complete.

I have black pro wheels and they have been holding up really good. Have about 60 hours on them. I got the whole spoke and rim kit that your talking about. The spokes don't fit in the oem hub unless the holes are drilled. I ended up sending back the spokes, and reuse the stock ones. I did change the nipples to the stainless steel option from kawi.


ive had better luck with prowheels than excells... and the anodizing doesnt come off easy like excells!

you can also look at and send them your stock ones. They are great and use the same process as excel and pro wheel.

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