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Possibility to make a TC plated?

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Matt- Yes this can be done, no real challenging legal difficulties. I personally performed this on my wifes '96 wxc410 a couple years ago. The main cost will be aquiring the parts and pieces, especially if you wish to use genuine Husqvarna plastics for the rear enduro style fender and headlamp bucket to maintain the factory look. If you're not fussy about OEM parts and perform the work yourself, this should set you back +- $300.00. If you go with a kit as offered by _____ Designs, that does all the thinking and wiring for you you'll be looking at closer to $500 and the loss of the satisfaction of having engineered your own system. Time is money however and depending on the skill set of the individual, this may be the better route. Upon having installed all the whistles and bells, you will need NV DMV form "XXXX" for a home built/ manufactured vehicle. It is a check off list with all of the required items for street legality that an NV authorized garage (moto shop) can inspect the bike and sign off in preparation for your trip to the DMV. This form is printable from the DMVPS website as a pdf. Other than the cost of registration there are no additional silly fees or hoops to jump through. Oh yes, you'd best have the title in your name. NV will not title a used OHV purchased in or out of state. I would check to see if they'll do a conversion on a bike that does not have a an original NV title to begin with. PM or call me and I'll give you some MORE info! Hope this helps- Steve

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