Dual Sported XR400 needs better blinkers

I just bought a dual sported XR400R. The bike was dsed around 2000 with one of the older baja designs ds kits.

The previous owner kept the street worthy stuff to a minimum with low profile type turn signals. I like the flush fitting turn signals on the rear but the little mouse ear looking turn signals on the front are way too small and sort of flash in a lazy like fashion.

I really like the OEM front turn signals on the XR650L. I would like something larger that mounts to the triple clamp.

Additionally, I dislike the baja designs switch assembly. Is there a better switch assembly out there? Can I use a OEM switch assembly from a 650L with the BD wiring harness?

Please give me some solutions. I bought this bike mainly to ride back and forth to work so I don't beat up my van. I only ride the bike on residential surface streets with the occasional errond onto busier SoCal style business streets. I need a little more turn signal protection so I don't get t-boned by some soccer mom.

I'm not sure what the old switch assembly looks like but they have a new one (or so they say). I like it, it has the hi-beam LED built in, turn signal switch, hi-lo switch, kill switch, lights-park-off switch and horn all in one unit.


Also you can probably find a set of XR650L turn signals on ebay pretty cheap and adapt them to mount on the triple clamps.

I am a fan of these . . .


Baja Designs also sells anew style switch assembly. You will also need to purchase the harness adapter from them.


Ok thanks guys. That's more or less what I'm looking for. Troy, are the turn signals you are linking to for the front? They look like rear units, will I be able to mount them up front? I think the little turn signals I have now use a plate and mount of the top of the triple clamps. I'll need to take a closer look when I get home.

The switch assembly is exactly what I need. Basically, I want to be able to push the button in to cancel the signal. The switch assembly I have now just slides back and forth and every now and then I realize that the signal is running.

I'll go this route unless someone out there has made a OEM 650L switch assembly work with a BD wiring harness... Andybody? I'm not much of an electrical dabbler so it's a little greek to me.



Very good quality components and honest business owner. I ordered the LED cateye signals and flasher for my 650L I'm customizing, but they have non LED signals also. I dont think it matters whether you mount them on the front or back. I'm always hunting down a bargain before purchasing. You should find everything you need.

if you havea cycle gear close they have a pretty good selection of blinkers. also you might want to check out a ufo brand oregon headlight set up..those are trick

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