hehe :)

I bet this post gets a few looks. :D

Anyways, I have some carbon fiber fork guards that I took off my WR400 today and I was going to toss them in favor of my yellow guards.

But just before I was getting ready to toss them, I thought "mabye someone on T-Talk could use them."

So whats the catch?

Well, the right one has worn through where the guide is. Thats all.

So the right one is pretty much shot but the left one is fine.

You pay shipping ($5) and they are yours. US only please. (lower 48)

I will take it. Check your PM

Dan's the man! :)

My right one did the same thing. Go figure

I noticed it was rubbing when I installed them but I tried cutting the guide down and it still seemed to rub.

I know another guy and the same thing happened with him.

Honestly, I'm not all that impressed with carbon fiber. I couldnt imagine what I would do to a skid plate around here with all these rocks! :)

how much weight did they save? also, was it worth the cost?

$100 for a 1/4 lb.?

Originally posted by bonez34:

$100 for a 1/4 lb.?

Probably just about right on the head.

Although I bought mine from a guy that sold his 400 and then he sold them to me at 1/2 price.

I would never buy carbon fiber again. Be it retail, or half off.

1/4 lb if that. In other words, it's more for coolness factor. The old ones are going back on my bike.

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