TTR 230 Exhaust Baffle question


My son is heading out this weekend on the 230. Can I just pull out the removable baffle on the exhaust without doing any other carb mods at this time? Or will that lean it out too much and cause some damage? Oh it is a 2006 TTR 230. Thanks in advance.

DO u have the intake snorkel out?? Also i believe that you have to rejet if you take the baffle out...Why do u want to take it out anyways?

I put a 130 main in and took out my baffle/intake snorkel it runs fine. There is also a tad more bottom and I sounds better. Just make sure you properly warm it up first. Don't just hop on and go. Take it easy.:thumbsup:

When taking out main jet do u have to take out the white baffle ??

Yeah, you can't re-install it anyway. Take a look at the 230 mods thread on the main page... Like page 10 or something, there's pictures to help you.

its not a good idea to take that baffle out if ur jumping the bike

Its not a good idea to take that jet baffle out if u jump the bike..thats what ive heard

That's not true, you're fine with the jumping. I do it all the time and have had no problems. Why are you worried the spark arrestor will come out? If so, don't sweat it it is attached to the end cap.

I have not taken the snorkel out yet, or put in the new main. Still waiting on it to get here. Just wanted to pull out the spark arrestor (I said baffle in the original post, but that's wasn't correct) to give it a little better sound for this weekend. It sounds like a moped when stock. Not very motivating. I am not sure if this will lean it too much and cause an overheating situation.

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