What do you guys do with your pit bikes?

I think pitbikes are cool and stuff and I want one but then I thought, "What would I do with it?" I don't know of any pitbike tracks around here nor have I ever jumped a bike more than a few feet. So what do you guys ride on your pitbikes?

dirt street, what ever. put it on the stand a garage ride it. just have fun

the reason i am buying a pit bike is because of its size, think about it, you can throw it in the back of your car and ride anywhere you want, you can stop on the side of the road and ride on a trail. you can ride in the backyard, the streets, do tricks, i cant wait to get mine, i think i will prefer it over a full size dirtbike

Yeah thats what I like about them. Also I could probably have a buddy ride it, or my dad could ride my KX and I could ride the pit bike.

Also I think it would be a good way to learn to ride a MX track.

No I just need to decide what bike to buy. I only have about $400 right now but have a job so that number will go up.

just learn how to do tricks on it....i got a torn acl and i went to pismo and thats all i could ride cause i can only ride it on the sand but i rode it and had a 2 hour wheelie show going up and down the beach on it lol :thumbsup:

Jump it, Wheelie it, Race it, Build a track and have some fun with it, It's a two wheeled grin factory!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted::cheers::bonk::lol:



Dink around with it in my driveway, hit the local MX tracks, go trail-riding. Anything you can do with a big bike.

Gonna try something new tomorrow. Going to enter the 125 Beginner class at a big race, on my KLX110. :thumbsup: Plan on kicking some butt!

Sounds like fun ^

What bike would you guys reccomend? Like I said I'm on a budget. I wouldn't mind getting a stock bike and building it up. But then there is also the Pitster Pro ect. route.

For a newbie, I'd say definitely buy a used 110 and slowly build it up. Stock, I'll bet that thing is more durable than the Pitster. Maybe not as fast, but it's a kick in the pants. Then just build up slowly. And the 110's are typically cheaper to build than a 50, you don't have to replace the frame etc.

Yeah 50's are almost too small.

I'm guessing it doesn't really matter if you buy a KLX110 vs. a DRZ (altough I am partial to Kawasaki)

You can get a 110 for pretty cheap and then just to bars on it. You'll be able to have tons of fun on it. But that 110 can't do what my x4r can do...





Here is a little video I did that has a bit of pit bike stuff in it...

Forget the bikes. . . your old lady is hot!

I like the idea of a 110 just because I don't have the money for a Pitster Pro right now plus 110's are much easier to find used.

Holy crap, that lady is hot! My KLX125L is a great play bike.

Ride dirt and will be riding super-moto in the winter

Jump it, Wheelie it, Race it, Build a track and have some fun with it, It's a two wheeled grin factory!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted::cheers::bonk::lol:

What he said.

I like to drink a bottle of crown royal and see how many times i fall over on mine

i use mine to get around the "PITS" at the off road races and to get around town as long as i can get there through the alleys. this thing is so cool to ride.


holy cow, that thing is freakin awesome! what is it exactly, obviously a honda, but hit me with the specs

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