XL 500 exhaust

Just restoring an XL500R Pics of before on my garage now, will put the before and after pics on my webpage soon, jhrex.com.

Now with clean new plastics, and nice paint, new seat cover coming, the old exaust looks a little tired, its nice, quiet, a super trap.

Thinking a nice shiny muffler would look pretty nice.

Online I'm not seeing many listings for this old machine and wonder what you guys think would fit well.

I'm not opposed to making brackets and stuff, but don't wanna weld that much.

thought this was the closest place to an XL500 forumn.



thats a sweet bike man! hard to see it though. hey check ebay, i remember seeing a xr500 full exhaust for bid last week.

Where in California do you live?

Dave at MRD just made a really nice pipe for my 1983 XR500R. He's in Riverside and it only takes him a couple hours. He's fairly slow right now because of the new models rolling out. But as soon as all the new bikes hit the show rooms, he'll be busier than a one legged man in a kick fight.

Pm Me for a phone number or http://www.mrd-racing.com/

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