help! increase trottle response

This is my first post. I have a klx 250 s...I'm unleashing a beast... It have a pro circuit t4 install. 13t / 48t sproket combination... new barnett clutch and the machine its really starting to rip...But trottle ratio is to many effort to have it open from none to full. I find my selt gripping and regripping the trottle to achive maximum power...sometims I think is full open and then i ralize it can still open a quarter turn more... What can I do...Is there any aftermarket trottle or any quick fix. sorry for my english I'm from Puerto Rico and I dont practice it to much...

A lot of guys go for 1/4 turn quick throttles, but I prefer the ratio of the stock throttle. It's easier to keep the front end end up doing wheelies; just better modulation all around. Better than all-or-nothing. My $.02.

There's a cheap - free - fix. You can drill another hole in the arm on the carb, about 1/4-3/8" or so from the existing one. It changes the throw and basically makes it a 1/4 turn throttle - and it's reversable. There used to be a picture on the site. Not sure if it's there anymore. If you do it, make sure to de-burr the hole because the sharp edges tend to wear on the cable.

OR - you can do the real fix and drop in an FCR. You won't be needing to whack the throttle wide open anymore. :thumbsup:

Or a TM33 for a whole lot less money.

Back on the original post the KX250F uses a 1/4 turn throttle and may fit. I'm not sure if they fit I'm just guessing.

Or a TM33 for a whole lot less money.

And a lot less performance! :p

And a lot less performance! :p

Less than from the stock CV carb...............?????? You lost me!

Less than from the stock CV carb...............?????? You lost me!

Less than an FCR, although I chose to stay with the CVK/dynojet kit over a 33mm mikuni.

hes got a 250 not a 300

So?? I'd still prefer a FCR to the mikuni - whether 250 or 300. The FCR has much more tunability and it's a better built carb IMO. But that's just my opinion after riding 300's/250's w/ 33mik's, 36 mik's, FCR's, Dynojetted CVK's, FSW jetted CVK's and stock kawi jetting.

IMO, the reason people don't get FCR's is because they don't have the money (ie: they're expensive) or because they're not willing to take the time to learn to tune them properly. Performance is not the reason. There's a reason why almost every manufacturer of high performance race 4strokes uses FCR's. Yamaha, Honda, Kawi (but not on the KLX), KTM, etc., etc., etc..

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