best exhaust for 94 Dodge Ram 1500?

what do u think, right now its got the cat taken out with a flow master...but it doesn't sound as great as u would think. i want it to sound great and be loud, what u guys think about duals? anyone know what sounds the best?

I had a 94 Dodge with a custom dual exhaust. I kept the converter, had 1 glasspack, then it split into dual exit. It sounded good. But it was a little anoying (loud and it had a drone). My dad's truck was a 98. He had the same setup except he went with a regular chambered muffler like Flowmaster. He still had a nice,powerful sound, but it was more pleasant.

My bet for best sound would be a Gibson or Borla system. But if you want it loud, install some long tube headers and straight ppipe it. Better yet, you could side pipe it and put the stacks right behind the windows.

I thought you had emissons checks in NY:excuseme:

how do glass packs work?, i dont know much about them


how do glass packs work?, i dont know much about them

Glass packs are essentially a pipe with packing in it to deaden the noise.

quieter the better think of your neighbors save your money for moto parts

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