Anyone tried getting info from Scotts Performance?

For the past couple of days, I have been trying to get information from Scotts Performance on their dampers/stabilizers for my 650L. I have sent emails to and and I have not had a response from anyone.

The emails I sent to "service" were bounced back as undeliverable because, it said, that Scotts "does not accept spam". How is anyone supposed to get service through their email if it will not accept ANY emails? I even tried different subjects and tried it from 2 different email addresses.

Does anyone have any experience dealing with Scotts or feedback on their dampers? Thanks!

Call them up on the phone. They are very helpful. Most smaller businesses in the MC industry are still trying to get their heads around the fact that their sales/service channels also include "thar there innardet." They may have had the plumbing laid by some savvy online biz integrator, but they have yet to really integrate it with their biz practices.

Call em up, I've had nothing but good conversations, support, help, service from Scotts over the phone.

Agree. Call the number listed in their contact section. I just worked through a set up for my XR650L with a guy named Matt that was very helpful.

I'm going to end up using RSW triple clamps (cheaper and have the mounts for speedo and ignition built in) with Scotts lower and upper bar mounts. I'll have to do some minor mods to the RSW clamp to make it all work out but I think it'll be just what I want. Scotts parts are on the way now.

If you like the stock triple clamp, they have a kit that will bolt directly on, no mods. I really needed my bars to move forward to fit me right when standing.

If you're like me and want to move the bars forward and put on a stabilizer, you either need to get the Scotts XR600 triple and mod for your speedo and ignition, or get the RSW clamp and go the path I'm on.

I'll post my results and part numbers once I get it on and worked out.

I just got an email from Scott at Scott's Performance and he didn't know why my emails were not coming through. They even tried to call me at work but since I'm on the east coast, I was already gone for the day. I'm satisfied that it's not a customer service problem and will give them a call on Monday.

Thanks for all of the info. I'm not sure which way I'm going to go, but it's nice to know what the options are.

I always just call them and the problem is never whether they'll talk or not, its whether or not you can get em to stop talking...

they are super helpful and useful on the phone.


I always just call them and the problem is never whether they'll talk or not, its whether or not you can get em to stop talking...

they are super helpful and useful on the phone.


Agree! Scotts is one of the last GREAT dirt bike shops around! Everyone there is always helpful and offer great advice!

Funny how thats true about finding a good motorcycle shop:

I got rousted, routed and gouged at my local SUPER MOTO CENTERS...the giant WALMARTs of motorcycle shops...

Then something funny happenned: My friend suggested the little mom and pop shop next to the titty I went for a basic tire change.

Well the rest is history, I walked into C&D Cycle Center in San Diego and the owners and I have become best friends. Instead of acting like some tough-guy moto lords, the owners treated me just like a pro...

Then they joined my team for racing in SCORE races in Baja...

I wish every rider could get the same great service I found at my local shop!


Scotts = good service??

This is a new one to me. Sounds like they changed their customer service approach in the last 4 years (that was the last time I bought anything from them). They were absolutely the worst to deal with back then. Allways acted like the customer was bothering them. Glad to hear they are doing better though.

I called Scotts yesterday and have to say that I was very impressed with their knowledge, attitude and customer service. Still don't know why they weren't receiving my emails, but I would recommend them.

I had the email trouble too and ended up calling them. Whoever I spoke with was very knowledgeable (sp?), very helpful and when I got everything a couple days later, everything was correct and fit perfectly the first time. I went with the damper on the stock triple tree and some Renthal hi-rise Desert bars to give me more room.

Scott's Rocks!! :thumbsup:

Call them.Very helpful......

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