best jet kit for klx250s

i saw a show...dirtbike tv, where they used a 130 main jet...but everyone here says to use a 125. Where is the best place to order these. and do i need to change the pilot at all?

From the Kawasaki Forum site:

Commonly asked for part numbers for those items required for opening up the bike and doing basic maintenance:

NOTE: Part numbers of the form xxxxx-yyyy or xxxxx-yyyyy-zz are Kawasaki part numbers. All others are specific to the listed product's manufacturer.

Ron Ayers and are good sources of these parts at a discount.


92143-1667--------Needle Collar (required for N1TC needle)

92037-1401--------Clamp, Needle Jet (Clip, required for N1TC needle)

92063-1069--------#125 Main Jet

92063-1074--------#128 Main Jet

14073-1577--------Duct, Inlet (KDX200 Snorkel)

52010-1053--------Element, Oil Filter

2206--------------DynoJet Kit

99924-1165-03-----Service Manual KLX250D

99924-1240-55-----S/M Supplement KLX250H

FSW-BG------------Brake Line Guard

113124------------IMS 3.2 Gallon Tank

51023-1332--------Petcock (KLX300, for use with IMS tank)

514XK-13----------13 Tooth CS - Sprocket Specialists

1014-00087--------Muzzy Full Exhaust

0045-00012--------Muzzy Quiet Insert/ USFS Spark Arrestor

i have ridden that klx from dirt bike tv..... runs great.... my klx is behind his in this pic. just buy all the parts online and jet it your self, you dont need a jet kit.


oh whats the difference between getting a jet kit and jetting it myself? dont i have to buy new jets if i get a new exhaust? isnt that what a jet kit is?

A jet kit give you everything you need to jet plus some...... they give you extra jets to get the air/fuel mixture correct, when i jetted mine i bought the parts seperatly and saved some money, because of forum help i knew what jet i needed, so i didnt have to waste extra money on jets that will just sit there and not get used. I have never rejetted anything before and i did my bike, its also my first bike.... forums are wonderful.

oh okay, so a 130 main or a 125 main? i know i need a 40 pilot. also where did you get those nice hand guards?

There is alot depending on what jet to get, your exhaust, your elevation, air filter, air box cover on or off.... i have a 125....

My handguards are moose racing.... here are a few pics of my bike.....




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