95-04 XR250R Aloop Kit?

Hello, i was wondering if anyone knows what tank and shrouds aloop uses for the 1995-2004 XR250R kit? The kit is pretty expensive so if i could just find the tank and shrouds they use i can save some money. Or if anyone wants to sell their kit for a 95-04 XR250 just let me know your price. Tank has to be black. Thanks:banana:

ur gonna need a new seat too... or atleast modify urs, if that can be done.


Click on the Q & A tab....

I don't think it would be easy to get the XR seat to work. The A-Loop kit is a package that fits together. I would think modifying a CR seat would be easier. Also, I don't know who would sell just the tank/shrouds and keep the seat. I bought mine a couple years ago off ebay for about $260. It was very well worth the $$$$ though.

Unrelated but I noticed you're rockin' an RC51. Me too!!!


I believe the shrouds are from a CR250, but I'm pretty sure the tank is custom made.

Thanks for all the info. i think i'll try to find a used aloop kit to fit my bike.:thumbsup: BTW: nice 51 striderF4i::thumbsup:

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