Aftermarket exhaust for 07 yz450f

Is after market exhaust necessary for the 07's? if so which are the best ones? I'm thinking that it is, based on the size of the muffler opening. where are some good places for exhaust muflers, how about prices, who has some deals?

I bought the fmf titanium powercore muffler anodized. Mainly bought it to have a spark arrester which you can remove. It fits well and does'nt stick out very far. For the price it's hard 2 beat. Try 314.99?

There are some in the TT classifieds too.

Ive gotten the hint from that link that after market exhaust for the 450 isnt a nessesity unless you can notice a 1-2 horse power increase?

More than anything you don't need an increase of peak power on a 450. On a 250F you want the most power you can get, but on a 450 you want to make it as ridable as you can. The best pipes for a 450 are ones that smooth out the power and make the bike easier to ride without losing any time accelerating. They are not necessary, but a good pipe does help.

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