2006 Cr125

Need some help getting this right. I'm 950ft above sea level in Statesville, NC. Currently using a 410main 55pilot and have the AS 2 turns out. Bike is bone stock. I can't seem to get it to idle at all and it came with a 430 main and 60 pilot. It was fouling plugs left and right before I changed the jetting, but now it seems like the bike has just lost a lot of power. Also I'm running a 40:1 mix. Any suggestions??

Also, I'm using the stock needle with the clip in the 2nd position.

i am at a little bit of a higher elevation(1082 ft) and have an 06 yz 125. i don't know if my jetting will work but i think it is pretty close. my bike runs pretty dang good when the temp is less than 100*. 410 main, 40 pilot, air skrew 1.75 turns out. try it out and keep me updated.

Ok, today I switched things up a little. I went to a 400 main 35 pilot and AS 1.75 turns out. I also adjusted the idle screw a little and now it has no problem idleing. I took it for a SHORT ride due to time and it ran like a SCALDED DOG!!! Great power, no power issues anywhere in any throtle possition, so I'm real happy about that. Only problem or concern I have is that when I got done riding I pulled the plug, and it was still fairly wet. The electrode was mostly dry and dark, but the threads were pretty wet. Is there something I'm missing, cause I am sooooooo tired of fouling plugs. I don't lug the thing around at all it's wide open when I'm on it and I'm always very careful to turn the gas off and give it a few good hands of gas before I shut it off. I'm going riding next weekend and I don't want to spend half the day dicking around with the bike. Any ideas? All your help so far has been really great.


bump bump anybody??

checked compression?looked at reeds?

bump bump anybody??

try moving the clip up one position on the needle

checked compression?looked at reeds?

haven't checked either of those. The bike was basicly brand new when I bought it. The guy that bought it new kept it for 5 months and rode it ONCE up the street in his nieghborhood. After me riding around on it it prob has a total of maybe 3 hrs max. When you move the clip on the needle is up towards the top making it leaner or richer??

i was thinking about what i said about the needle and i don't know if you want to go much leaner. if the bike runs well already you may not want to change anything. the way you described your plug is for the most part how mine looks and i haven't fouled a plug yet. i would leave it the way it is. but for future reference...


Thanks much. I will continue riding and hope for the best.

Thanks a ton for the help guys. Been riding the bike a lot more now and have had no issues. The plug now has a nice dark brown color on the electrodes and the threads and the ring at the very top is dark black. Is this what I'm looking for?? The bike seems to have no running issues at all.


that is more or less what you are looking for. ideally (sp) the plug should be mocha brown or tan. however, i would leave it how it is.

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