300 MXC power valve adjustment question

2001 300 MXC: To get it to hit sooner you turn it out or in? I took the power valve apart and noticed the spring was different than my 05. Does the color coded spring aplication apply to this bike? I put a red spring in my 05 250exc and it helped it smooth out on bottom, Do I achieve the same result on this bike with just the adjustment? Thanks!!

On my 2002 300EXC you turn the screw out, to make the power valve engange sooner, and turn the screw in, to make it engage later. The spring colors are: Yellow: stock, Green: smoother and later powervalve hit than stock, Red: more aggressive and sooner powervalve hit than stock. I tried the adjustment screw on my bike and there was a lot of spring tension, so I only got a 1/4 turn out. I didn't want to risk breaking anything, since my red spring is on the way via UPS.

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