Advice needed - lowering links for 2005 KDX220

I bought the bike new and love it. It is too tall for me though. I am 5'6" and 220lbs. I primarily ride technical trails of the Pacific Northwest. The trails range in difficulty from easiest to most difficult.

Most cases, if I stop on a trail, I am in danger because I can only get one toe on the ground, if that! Laterally on an incline, I am dead meat if I have to stop. I usually go over one side or the other. 3 years ago, it cost me a summer off, 10 screws and a plate in my leg, and, a need for a solution.

With the rocks, roots, ruts, washouts and jumps, would the suspension be ruined by lowering links?

I looked at the Kouba Link site and saw 3 sizes of links for the KDX220. The 2.25 inch links would be good but require too much mod to the front with a different barclamp and such. Even then it might bottom out too easily.

Any comments? Should I just leave things alone?

Have you considered having the suspension lowered by a suspension shop?

No, I haven't. Would that be a better way to go than doing it myself?

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