E-Start kit Q's

Does anyone have a rundown of the parts that are in the kit?

I will be putting one on my 560 smr "commuter" and apperantly, the stator that comes with it does not put out enough watts for the lights, battery, speedo, etc on a street legal scoot. So I'm going to send my stator to Trail Tech for a rewind. The old kit (that is no longer available I've been told) did not come with a stator. This would be a better set up for me. But, alas..

And, from the info I've been getting from the dealers, the new kit has been back-ordered for like, a Go-zillion years...:thumbsup:

SMR has a tiny ignition to minimize both engine inertia and electro magnetic drag. It does have a small charging output and i have heard of riders adding the battery/starter etc and maintaining a charge. However riding on the street with lights and charging the battery after starting, I don't think so.

Rewind stator for the tiny flywheel?? I doubt it, if trail tech says it will work I would trust them but do they know that this is the small OD system? Or do they think its the large system like an EXC and you just want to increase the output???

I put the kit on my 400 and the stator that it comes with wont run lights. It does keep the battery charged. I've tried connecting a headlight but it just runs down the battery pretty quickly. Your on the right track connecting with Trail Tech to get thier input but like Dave said, your probably going to need to upgrade the flywheel etc to the EXC.

Apparently, my post was a little misleading. From what I understand, The stator that comes with the E-start kit does not put out enough watts. I don't want to spend $600.00 for the kit then another $100 for a re-wind.

If I have to buy the stator, I might as well just buy the remaining parts separately. I've also heard (may be wrong) that the EXC stator puts out baraly enough juice to power the lights. If you plan on using brighter lights, you have to get the stator re-wound anyway. Of course, they may have been talking about the pre-'07 stator. Anyone know what the '07 EXC stator puts out?

Well after all the digging/headbanging, It looks like my best course of action is to get the kit and send the stator from the kit to be re-wound. Why such a wimpy stator comes with the kit is beyond me.

UPDATE! Apparently, it doesn't. I've been told that the new,new kit has a hotter stator.

The PN for the new kit is: 59012045444

The PN for the new stator is: 59039004200

Anybody know where I can get an E-start kit? I've contacted many of the better known parts dealers and come up empty.


Try **************

They have a log in discount also so it ends up being only around $520

Also munn racing has them.

ok. Use your morris code skills because the site is being a douch.

ktmparts dot com

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