Should I do it?

I have a chance to get the BBR rev box for 45 bux. I havent really studied up on them since Ive heard they do nothing for our bikes. So does it really do nothing? I dont care about reving since I trail ride so any low end grunt would be appreciated.

If you think it does isn't that enough? I am of the opinion that that is the real rational for 95% of all exhaust systems sold.

Do some carefull testing before and after, maybe on some hills, maybe on the flat short shifting, though that will be difficult to do consistantly without a tach.

BBR rev box a load of crap. Have one on my 88 ZB50 (now110) Doesnt do shit'nutcase

give it shot if doesnt work resell it on ebay for $35.

dont waste your money on it. but something else like a sprocket or something

I wouldn't waste my money on it. I rather spend it on a different color power band:lol: or atleast on hand guards or something like that.

Yea I didnt go for it. Thanks

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