dry plates

hi there my clutch is playing up my 426 (2000) supprise supprise.

i stripped it today and when i was taking the plates out i discoverd the last 3 plates where dry of oil???

not sure wots going on here

ive read on tt you can drill holes in the basket to get more oil to the plates??

also when i was removeing the clutch hub i broke off 1 of the shafts that holed the springs:foul: so i need a new hub. can anybody huck me up?? many thanks danny

You broke the clutch boss (hub). New ones are $60 (USD) at full retail, and less at the discount sites. The new one will already have the holes in it, as they were factory drilled beginning in 2001.

I just rebuilt my 2000 426 and have a clutch boss that I was going to recycle. If you really need it you can have it but it was worn enough that I just got a new one while I had the engine broke down.

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