DR650 rear fender/tail light

What options are out there for replacing the stock rear fender and tail light assembly for a 97 DR650? I melted my fender, tail light and marker light yesterday (oops ... shoulda bungeed that gear on better) and would like to go away from stock if possible. The black sub-fender is intact.

Thanks - Lisa :thumbsup:

P.S. 1400 miles on my new Mefo Explorer MEF-99's in 2 days, all pavement, and so far they're great!

As far as I know the OEM rear fender is your only bolt on option. The tail light from a DRZ250 mounts to the DR650 fender for a cleaner look and can be had for about $38 from Suzuki or Kientech.

Actually, there are a couple of options. Several threads have been posted on this topic. A quick search should get you what you need.

One mentions an extended license plate frame that bolts to the same place as the stock extender. They offer an optional light for the set-up (required unless you want to move your stock light up to the fender).


there was a recent post that showed a new fender, but I can't get the post to answer emails or pm's, I was wanting more pics, showing the side view, how it came into contact with the side panels,etc.

Something like this may work on mine. But my turn signals would be different, as they attach to my luggage rack. I like this setup if only I knew how it looked from side view and how it aligned up with the side panels. Note the fender is not an acerbis, read the thread for info on what it is.




Looks like a UFO LED tail light kit.


Here's the one I was thinking of, referenced in another post:



Personally, I think the looks is very clean. I don't know if the original plate light will work or if you HAVE to use the one that they sell. It looks like there would be no room for the OEM plate light.

Thanks, sdemondo. I will prolly go with the stock rear fender in black, the DRZ250 light and your cool tag bracket/light. I'll post pictures once I'm done.

Lisa :thumbsup:

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