hey guys just got a 50 and having a couple probs...

Hi ya'll...just joined the board after my gf bought me a 2002 xr50 for my birthday! :thumbsup:

having a few probs with it....

first off, after turning the bike off, it pisses gas through the vent tube for a few seconds leaving a puddle on the ground. any ideas?

secondly, after riding it in 2nd and 3rd gear for an extended period of time (10-20mins) (was walking my nearby roadrace track with it last week) the bike shuts down. it dont think its overheating as the motor isnt overly hot and there was quite a breeze as i rode around the pavement. once the motor stopped... if i let it sit for 5-10 mins it would start up again. :thumbsup:

another issue that came up after the shutting down, is id ride it for a short period of time (across the pits to the bathroom,etc) and upon coming to a stop the motor would just turn itself off.

anyone have any ideas? thanks ahead of time and i look forward to spending alot of time on here! :busted:

first off, after turning the bike off, it pisses gas through the vent tube for a few seconds leaving a puddle on the ground. any ideas?


i don't know the answer to your other problems, ( I actually have them myslef somethimes).

But for your first problem, turn the tank valve off shortly before you stop riding. So ride until the carb doesn't have anymore gas in it, so it will shut down by itself.

check to make sure the drain on the bottom of the carb screw is tight

When I first got my xr50 it would come to a stop and just shutoff. There was to much oil in it and the air screw needed adjusted. So adjust the air screw and check the oil. :thumbsup:

Hope this helps.

I think its all fuel related, seems to me there may be something wrong with the vent cap, if its building pressure it may piss, if its building pressure it may also force to much gas into the carb flooding it...just a thought

The random turn off is weird. Check the wires by the key and stuff, see if its all in tact. :thumbsup:

thanks everyone. im out of town but will check all those things sun when i get back into town. im gonna have the carb professionally cleaned in the next week or so and they said they would solve the probs for me while they were in there. we'll see...

i just dont see the point in shutting off the fuel before i stop riding to make it stop pissing. it def should NOT be doing that if running properly. i hope the shop can figure it out when they clean.

your float is sticking or needle valve not sealing. you can easily fix this yourself.

your having some electrical problems, check your ground connection(under the tank where the airbox connects to the frame) and try disconnecting the key and kill switch. it will run without a key or killswitch. turn it off with the choke.

FiveO...how would i go about fixing the float and needle issue? i know pretty much nothing about carbs...:thumbsup:

thanks for all the responses guys and gals! :thumbsup:

Try taking the bowl off the carb, removing the float and then see if the needle and seat is damaged or dirty. Dirt in the bowl may be an indicator. If dirt gets stuck in the seat the float can't shut down the flow of gas and the carb will flood. clean everything w/ carb clean and a toothbrush, blow out all the jets and put it all back together and try it. You might want to check for dirt in the gas tank.

a float bowl carb works by a element that floats on gas and shuts off a valve that fulls the bowl with gas. when gas reaches a certain level in the carb its flow gets stopped by a small rubber needle valve. its a good system but even a small amount of dirt can keep the valve from sealing. there is an overflow built into the carb so if/when it does stick it doesnt pour into the engine. this is what you are seeing.


#3 is what your looking at. before removing the float move it up and down by hand and see how it moves the small needle valve, this will help you understand when you go to put it back together!

dont worry all you need for this job is a 8mm wrench and phillips head screwdriver.

FiveO...thank you SIR! :thumbsup:

thanks for all the replies. ill be tackling this job sometime this week coming up. get ready for some PMs :thumbsup:

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