Team USA: SM des Nations???

Would TTers want to see a USA team go to the Supermoto des Nations in Italy Sept 30.

SMR Mag wants to make this happen and we wanted to see how many junkies care of we field a team at the des nations of supermoto.

And any suggestions on how to raise some $ to send the team? Raffles, Team USA T shirts, donations???

We have raised a good portion but the cost to send a team is a lot more than expected. We have to send over three bikes, parts, three riders, three mechanics and all of the other BS

That would be sweat. I vote for burkhart Bradon curry and Benny carlson:thumbsup:

Hell yes! We need a team in supermoto des nations. I watched it last year and was wondering why we weren't represented.

Make some shirts/stickers to raise the cash necessary.

I know a rider that would like to go!!!

T shirt would be sweeeeeet

That would be sweat. I vote for burkhart Bradon curry and Benny carlson:thumbsup:

That'd be a good lineup:thumbsup:

I'n wondering if you need to see who will go first, reasonb eing, perhaps the mfgrs of said bikes, yamaha, aprillia, etc, could be propositioned for sponsorship,for a starting point. next look to see if any rider contract conflict, and look for a sponsor to cover all 3 reguardless who is going. One would need to look at it from several different angles, and yes it would be way cool to have t-shirts and sweatshirts to raise funds. airline sponsorship to cover airfreight costs. ?? need a lorrry or truck to transport bikes in europe ?? how about looking into an auto mfg for a european contact for transportation.... :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Changing the subject many are coming over for Mettet ?

Its the best SM event on the planet.

I was looking into sending a bike to the states and it is more expensive than buying a bike and selling it after you've ridden it.

I am sure that any brand that your riders are riding are willing to help you out with a bike during the stay, if not with a new one, one spare bike of any of the teams here.

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