What's your setup on 17's

Hi All,

Interested in finding how others with an 06' DRZ400S, setup on 17's. Eg Drop of Triple clamps on Fork, How much static sag, race sag, which clicker settings work for you on bumpy twisty tar.

I've got an 06 DRZS on std suspension with an Excel/Talon and Pilot Powers.

So far my set up is :-

- Triples 5mm from top of fork.

- 10mm static sag

- 100mm race sag

- two stiffer on all clickers 1/4 turn stiffer on dampening.

I find it much better on the road in this setup if a little pushy on exit/acceleration. Lots less wallow through the turn. I'd still like it to be even more precise. I'm considering getting rid of the static sag or going 5mm more down the fork, as long as it doesn't get the shakes. Any ideas? How do you like yours setup? All help appreciated.



There is a line between precise and turning too fast, but if you want more its all about the rake of the forks. Either sliding them further or shortening the race sag will get you quicker steering. Dampening is all personal preference to a degree. You can use it to affect how the bike handles, but the clicker positions are gonna be unique to you on your bike.

Thanks, had it out for a blast yesterday, trying the 714 progrips(less vides). The setup didn't seem so bad, holding lines better.

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