Aftermarket parts ratings.

After reading through a tons of threads I was wondering what the overall rating is for some of the aftermarket companys out there. I was wondering what people thought of the products available to us. Companys like Red Baron, 2 Brothers, Sano, Brand X minis, Pit Possi and so on. There is a ton of stuff out there and the price range goes from, makes you wonder, low price to WOW, that is a lot of money. Some things just seem way over priced to me. Others make you wonder if they will even make it through a single day of riding.

It would be nice to have a sticky thread or something that rated some of the products out there on price and durabilty along with overall quality.

Great idea! It would be a great help to newbies to the pit bike scene, like me. Just a quick comment about the quality/performance (good or bad) of your aftermarket parts. I know I'm interested in opinions of the different swingarms and shocks.

Honestly all the big name companies are legit.

BBR, BigMinis, Sano, RedBaron, Sik110's,etc. its just all in preference really. Im a huge fan of bbr, classic honda and sik110's.

It all really depends on what parts your looking at.

BBR is the sickest company ever.

BBR is the sickest company ever.
To be honest I see BBR being the pioneers of new and inovative parts but!.... I ride with 6 friends and out of the 6, 3 of them bought products of BBR and they sucked. BBR handle bar kit for a 50 broke, BBR 50 pipe broke less than 4 rides at the silencer for no reason. Finally CRF 150R pipe..This thing started to leak around the Silencer from one ride. Yes 1 ride. I have been building my KLX 110 to a dream and I am almost done. KX 65 front forks with TRI Star triples. This gives me alittle more travel than the Marrzocchi's and KX 65 has better brakes. Also look at it like this if I break something I just order stock oem Kawasaki kx 65 parts. I got limited edition two brothers black swing arm with race tech shock. This rear set up is sooo awesome I can't even compare it. It also comes with free 6 months over hail on the shock. 143 bore up. The next thing I want is KX 65 rear rim so I can hook up a disc set up. I already have a set of cyclone rims with custom bucanan spokes set up on a extra set of stock hubs just for motarding too. I have to tell you I like 2 brothers products but its really a mis match between many companies that give you the best set up. A muffler from this company foot pegs from that ect. I think you should ask about a specific part to get the answers you need.

yah that is true. Some companies parts excell in certain areas where others dont. BBR's 50 bars have always sucked. The only problem with 2bros is getting a hold of them. You should tell your buddies to call BBR about their problems, they will take care of it.

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